Social Events

Family Activities

An event for everyone in your family! Join us Friday night at 7pm for our Family Jammie Whammy! Dress in your finest jammies and bring your sleeping bags, blankies, pillows and stuffed animals for complimentary popcorn, pizza, cookies, child-friendly beverages, soft drinks and a movie! We'll meet in the Seasons Rooms.

The following adult only evening social events are scheduled and could change!


nothing known at this time - Bavarian Lounge will be open


SPEAKEASY - sponsored by EMS West staff and conference volunteers. The mystery begins as you search for a location grand enough to ballow you in the room. If you can find the location, you might get to indulge in the 20s... you know, when you could not meet or socialize, and drink and had to have fun in private. Our doormen will not take any tickets; just the password. The more people who know; the better the chance to get shut down by the coppers. Relax. Network. Talk shop. Dance. Drink. Photos. Card Games. Surprises. Have fun and hope we do not get raided. We start at 9pm with DJ John Hohman from MetroMix

DJ Essay in the Foggy Goggle; Bavarian Lounge also open


Pond Skim during the afternoon and DJ Jan Jursa in the Foggy Goggle; Bavarian Lounge also open.